Ausflug in den Zoo Wuppertal / Excursion to the Zoo Wuppertal

Am 31.05. sind die AG Englisch Plus und die AG Biologie in den Wuppertaler Zoo gefahren. Hier könnt ihr unsere Erlebnisse auf Englisch nachlesen:

On Wednesday, 31.05.2017, the English and the Biology afternoon club went with Mrs Kosel and Mr Rügamer to the Zoo in Wuppertal. Our trip started at 11:45 and ended at 15:00 o’clock.  In the zoo we walked around in small groups. First we saw the funny and dancing seals, the very sweet penguins and the big white polar bear. Poor one! He hasn’t much space.  The zoo has got also a brown bear.  He is not so big as we thought but maybe he is young and will still grow a little bit. You can see him on the picture. Some of us went to the zoo-restaurant to eat chips. They were delicious.  Then we went to the elephants. They are sooo big! But the baby elephants are really cute.  Later we saw the funny monkeys. The weather was very sunny and nice, so most of them played outside. But some of them stayed in their house. One of them jumped suddenly at the window to frighten the visitors and many kids were screaming. After the monkeys we went to the lion. But he was asleep – so boring. Instead, some other animals were very interested in us. We liked the goats because they let us pet them. Unfortunately the flamingos weren’t there anymore. We couldn’t see them. However it was a nice day, we had so much fun and it was cool to see the animals again.

Written by the students of AG Englisch Plus